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Here's a few answers to common questions our team get asked, but if there's anything else you'd like to know, please get in touch and we're happy to help!

We know what great stuff milk is, and we’re committed to getting Kiwi kids drinking more of it. Our solution is Fonterra Milk for Schools, and we believe it can make a lasting difference to kids’ health.

The National Roll-out took one year, a massive undertaking. We rolled out region by region – starting in parts of the South Island towards the end of Term 1 2013, and moving up the country over the following terms. The roll-out was completed at the end of Term 1 2014.

The programme is available to schools with students in Years 1 – 6. We know that children’s primary school years are the formative years of growth and development, and we want to give every Kiwi kid the best nutritional start.

Milk’s an important building block for good nutrition for all children. We want all New Zealand primary-aged children to have access to dairy nutrition every school day.

Fonterra Milk for Schools is a massive logistical undertaking, and there were many practical parts to the programme that we wanted to test and get right before rolling it out nationwide. Like the best way to get the milk to schools, keep it chilled and recycle the packaging. Northland was an easily-defined area with a manageable number of schools, so it was a great place to start.

Milk for Schools is voluntary programme for both schools and students, and we provide schools and parents with information to decide whether they’d like their kids to participate.

The NZ Dietary Guidelines from the Ministry of Health advise that from the age of two years, low-fat dairy products are best for children.


It all comes down to food quality and safety – we’ve tested the logistics and UHT works best given the scale of the programme. However, the kids won’t be drinking it warm. We supply fridges to all schools to chill the milk before handing it out.

UHT also gives schools more flexibility when it comes to delivery times and storage.

Fonterra Milk for Schools milk contains the same levels of protein, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and other minerals and fat soluble vitamins as fresh milk. Every pack contains at least 1/4 of the daily calcium requirements for children.

Schools flatten and collect all used packaging, which we collect from the schools and recycle. Every part of a Fonterra Milk for Schools milk pack is recycled.

Once we collect the used packaging from schools we bring it back to one of our recycling centres to be baled. It’s then sent to Thailand or Malaysia to complete the recycling process, turning the milk packs into items like roof tiles and school books.

There are currently no facilities in New Zealand that have the ability to recycle this type of packaging, making the facilities in Thailand and Malaysia the closest and most eco-efficient. To see how the empty milk packs get recycled and turned into things like roof tiles, books and paper please watch the Tetra Pak Recycling video.

One of the key learnings of the pilot was that the 250ml pack size was too big for some of the younger kids. We worked with the schools in the pilot to select the new size pack.

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