28 Jan 2019

Back to School 2019

Welcome back to Term 1! 2019 is going to be another great year for Fonterra Milk for schools with lots of exciting things to look forward to! Make sure you keep a look out for our Newsletters each term.

To help set you up for the new school year, check out our Mr Jones videos, Back-to-School Ready Poster and Welcome Back checklist.

Mr Jones video series

Programme Resources

Back-to-School Ready

Download our handy Back-to-School Ready poster and Welcome Back checklist to make setting up for the new school year nice and simple!

What Goes in the Blue Bin?

The ‘What Goes in the Blue Bin’ poster provides a great visual to remind kids that only Fonterra Milk for Schools milk packs, straws and straw wrappers are to go into the blue bins. We cannot recycle if there is any foreign rubbish in the bag, and we need your help to work together for the benefit of our environment! You can download, print and display the poster around the school to help keep any foreign rubbish out of the recycling bins.  

Participation Forms

Remember that before any new student joins the programme, it’s important to get their parents’ permission. We recommend sending home a participation form. You can download our template below and print it on to your school letterhead.

We’re here to help you! Please get in touch if there is anything you need this term by either calling us on 0800 900 070 (select option one) or sending an email through to
All the best for term one. Have fun and enjoy your milk!
Sarah & Trinity
Your Fonterra Milk for Schools team

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