28 Apr 2015

Fonterra Milk for Schools Packs are Growing Up

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This term, the Fonterra Milk for Schools packs are growing taller – just like children! We are changing to a new pack, along with a move to a new factory where the milk is produced – in Waitoa, Waikato – the heart of dairy country.

Other than how the milk packs look, nothing else has changed – it’s still Anchor Lite, UHT milk, with 200ml volume – just in a taller and thinner pack.

The Anchor Milkman will be working hard to make this transition as seamless as possible for all schools. We will be making the changes region by region so keep an eye out for email details of when your school will be affected.

Waitoa Poster graphic

Fridges - adjustments to make

Due to the shape of the new pack, the size of the cardboard cases has increased (although there are still 24 packs in each case). This means we need to adjust the fridge shelves (and add a new shelf) so the new cases fit. The Anchor Milkman will be changing these shelves for all schools when their region is underway.

We have new Quick Guides (see here) to show the best way to stack the shelves with the new boxes. It will be a great time to retrain all Milk Monitors.

Recycling - same as usual

The great news is that the packs still get folded and recycled in exactly the same way as they currently do. We’ve even practiced with students to make sure the new packs are just as easy to fold. 

Programme Manual – Out with the old and in with the new

We’ve updated our Fonterra Milk for Schools Programme manual to match our new milk pack. The Anchor Milkman will be delivering these to schools and attaching them to the fridges when they deliver the new milk.  Make sure you have a good read!

What to do with your old manual? Please recycle the paper and card from your old manual in your schools paper recycling and find a new use for the ring binder, you can re-cover if necessary.

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