6 Dec 2019

Is there a more sustainable way to have milk in school?

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The answer is yes!

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We are now offering a more sustainable way for our schools to drink milk in school. We have listened to why many schools have said about wanting to reduce the amount of packaging and product waste at their schools. 

Halfmoon Bay School on Stewart Island is one of our schools that have made the switch! They have made the swap from their usual 200ml Fonterra Milk for Schools milk packs to the more sustainable Anchor 1L UHT option, which we currently provide schools as part of KickStart Breakfast. They made the switch a year ago and it has reduced the school's recycling. Not only is the Anchor 1L UHT option cutting down packaging and product waste, it is a great way to empower students and build leadership skills during those classroom milk moments.

The feedback from the staff at Halfmoon Bay has been amazing!


We had a few spills initially with the milk in cups but now the children pour the milk and stack the dishwasher (even the 5-year olds). The children are also very environmentally aware and appreciate they are having less of an impact by not using straws and little boxes. There's also less waste with children only having what they can drink. Our community is also more supportive of using glasses, previously parents had voiced concerns over the amount of packaging. Our recycling is also easier and a lot less.

Fonterra's aim is for 100 percent of our packaging to be sustainable by 2025. We know schools are thinking about how they can be more environmentally friendly too, and this initiative is one way we can make a difference!

Many of our schools have already made the switch!

 Contact us today to find out more!


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