30 Sep 2015

Celebrating World School Milk Day 2015

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This year, World School Milk Day fell during our school holidays, but that didn't stop our amazing schools getting involved.

The Big Slurp took place on Wednesday 23rd September, see below for some great pictures from primary schools around New Zealand. There are plenty more in the gallery too so check them out - see if you can spot your school!

Well done to all the schools who took part, what a fun way to spend a Wednesday.

The Big Slurp 2015: Kaeo School (Northland)

Kaeo School in Northland

The Big Slurp 2015: Marewa School (Hawkes Bay)

Marewa School in Hawkes Bay

This year marks the 16th World School Milk Day which falls on the last Wednesday of September annually. It is a celebration of the health benefits of school milk programmes around the world by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations.

Here in New Zealand, we celebrate by taking The Big Slurp so we can show our Fonterra Farmers how much our primary school kids love their milk.

For more information about World School Milk Day, click here.

Keep scrolling for more photos from our schools and check out the photo gallery too!

The Big Slurp 2015: Colwill School Auckland (Auckland)

Colwill School in Auckland

The Big Slurp 2015: Whangaehu School (Manawatu-Wanganui)

Whangeahau School in Manawatu-Wanganui

The Big Slurp 2015: Stirling School (Southland)

Stirling School in Southland

The Big Slurp 2015: Gleniti School (Canterbury)

Gleniti School in Canterbury

The Big Slurp 2015: Cobden School (West Coast)

Cobden School on the West Coast

The Big Slurp 2015: St Bernadette's School (Wellington)

St Bernadettes School in Wellington

Find more photos of The Big Slurp 2015 below

The Big Slurp 2015: Rai Valley Area School (Marlborough)
Big Slurp 2015: Rangikura School (Wellington)
Westport South School (West Coast)
Westport South School (West Coast)
Westport South School (West Coast)
Westport South School (West Coast)
The Big Slurp 2015: Westport South School (West Coast)
The Big Slurp 2015: TKKM o Te Wananga Whare Tapere o Takitimu (Hawkes Bay)
The Big Slurp 2015: Te Whanau a Apanui Area School (Bay of Plenty)
The Big Slurp 2015: Stirling School (Southland)

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