Milk is bursting with dairy goodness. Containing nine essential nutrients including calcium to help keep bones strong, vitamin B2 (riboflavin) to support energy levels, and protein to assist kids’ growth* – it’s just what they need! Having a daily serve of milk at school can also help get kids ready for learning, and fuel their active bodies. There’s no denying that milk is good stuff. But are our kids getting enough? The short answer: no. Around two thirds of Kiwi kids don’t consume enough calcium¹, which is why Fonterra Milk for Schools can make such a difference. Since the launch of Fonterra Milk for Schools in 2013, two studies have shown that more kiwi kids are meeting the recommended daily dairy consumption guidelines. We’re very proud to help build and develop healthy habits that can last a lifetime in our tamariki. In 2016, the University of Auckland^ released the findings of their two-year study involving primary school children participating in the Fonterra Milk for Schools programme. The study showed that 17% more children have at least 2-3 servings of dairy products each day, with children also making positive healthy drink choices outside the school gate. In a more recent Massey University study** of 5-10 year old children in the Manawatū, Fonterra Milk for Schools has shown to improve the proportion of children (12%) achieving the recommended number of serves of dairy on weekdays, with children drinking milk at school also having improvements in bone health.

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Fonterra Milk for Schools helps daily nutrition needs

The Fonterra Milk for Schools Anchor milk pack contains 30% of a child’s recommended daily intake of calcium. At least 2-3 servings of milk or milk products are recommended every day for children aged 12 years and under, with 250mL of milk counting as one serving¹. As there’s 200mL of milk in every Fonterra Milk for Schools milk pack, that’s a big step towards helping kids reach their daily calcium requirements.

What’s UHT Milk?

Your Fonterra Milk for Schools milk is Ultra High Temperature (UHT) milk. This means the milk gets heated to a high temperature for an extremely short period so it can stay high quality for longer. Heat treatment does not significantly change the nutritional value of milk. The Anchor Lite UHT milk that the students drink contains the same protein levels and dairy nutrition goodness as Anchor Lite fresh milk, and it’s 98.5% fat free.

See how Ultra High Temperature Milk (UHT) is made

The Fonterra Milk for Schools milk packs contain 30% of your child's Recommended Dietary Intake (RDI) of calcium, and contains protein and other essential nutrients.

Building Muscles

Anchor Lite UHT milk is a fantastic source of high quality protein and contains all 9 essential amino acids – important stuff to help build muscles, as a source of energy, and for supporting growth in kids. The calcium in milk also helps with muscle and nerve function*

Strong Bones

You can’t have strong bones without calcium – and a Fonterra Milk for Schools milk pack contains plenty of it. Calcium is essential for supporting healthy bones in kids as well as adults*, so follow the lead of our school kids and make sure you’re getting your daily dose too!

Healthy Teeth

As well as the B vitamins, amino acids and other minerals in milk, you’ll find phosphorus. Along with calcium, it helps form the structure of your bones and teeth*. That means healthy teeth ready to tackle all the school lunches your kids will be munching on.

Dairy is fundamental for good nutrition, especially in growing bodies. We want to do what we can to ensure New Zealand children grow up drinking milk, because it’s good for them.

Theo Spierings, Fonterra CEO

Recommended nutritional information

¹Food and Nutrition Guidelines for Healthy Children and Young People: a Background Paper. Ministry of Health. 2012.

*when consumed as part of a varied, healthy eating plan

^Marsh S, Jiang Y, Carter K, Wall C (2018). Evaluation of a free milk in schools program in New Zealand: effects on children’s milk consumption and anthropometrics. Journal of School Health 88(8): 596-604

**Kruger M, Awan T, Poulsen R, Kuhn-Sherlock B (2017) Increased milk consumption may improve body composition and bone health among pre-pubertal children. EC Nutrition 11(1):17-29.

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